Municipal Library of Montecarmelo

The building responds to an urban dialogue with each of the axes, views, auctions, confluences and extensions that delimit it.

The proposal, sensitive to the environment, the past, the place and the different strata of its history, includes a series of urban memories and echoes that allow us to re-understand the importance of the environment in which we work and try to establish a respectful dialogue and harmonious with it.

Project Info Architects

Situation: Madrid, Spain
Client: Municipality of Montecarmelo
Program: Library.
Completion: 3rd Prize competition 2018
Built area: 3200 m2
Budget: 4.261.564,70 euros

Authorship: Mara Partida, Héctor Mendoza.
Collaborators: Oscar Espinosa, Olga Bombac, Alejandro Álvarez, Marc Sánchez.

Municipal Library of Montecarmelo
Under the
same roof

The proposal suggest a sequence of urban spaces that vary in scale and character. The new equipment aims not only to integrate into the environment but to be a community activator.

To do this, the creation of a place or a sum of places that accommodate a series of activities is sought, some perfectly defined in the tender specifications, and others deliberately pending to be defined through a participatory process.

The proposal understands Montecarmelo as a heterogeneous and contemporary community, and uses strategies that question traditional typologies and spatial conventions. The same tender document suggests innovation in the creation of new hybrid spaces. Therefore, this proposal proposes a new concept of relationship between city, equipment and community, a “cozy urbanism” on the one hand, and a series of domestic atmospheres with a “agora” vocation on the other.